The New Critic is the on-line journal of the Institute of Advanced Studies.

Writing PadNoticing that some WA thinkers, artists, scientists and scholars did not get much circulation in the national publications, nor did Western Australian issues manage to grab much of the limelight, the IAS set about trying to clear a glittering blank page for new thoughts and new writers.

The editors of The New Critic saw the need for such a forum from the paucity of media spaces in Australia for intelligent and fresh ideas about the world in which we live and the society we’ve made. We want to mix up established and new voices, old and young; those prepared to stick their heads out the window of a car being driven fast and those who have thought deeply about their subject for decades.  The New Critic aims to present discussion and debate and opinion about matters of interest to us within the University and beyond - the time for an ideas exchange is now.

Consider submitting your well-considered essays/reviews/opinion pieces to the editors. Submission guidelines are available here.

The Institute of Advanced Studies is a cross-disciplinary research unit at The University of Western Australia, motivated by the desire to advance intellectual debate through collaborative research and public forums.

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