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TypewriterThe material published in The New Critic is of four kinds:


The New Critic welcomes critical responses to published articles and other contributions.The editors hope the journal will inspire individuals to engage in a dialogue of ideas.  Responses must be to articles which appeared in the previous edition of the journal and will not be archived. Responses will only appear on The New Critic website until the next edition of the journal is published. Responses need to comply with the journal's Code of Practice for Contributors. Responses should be submitted by email to the editors. The editors reserve the right not to publish a response. Individuals should clearly indicate if they wish a response to be published.

Consider submitting your well-considered essays/reviews/opinion pieces to The New Critic. To submit an article, please send a short abstract (approx 300 words) to the editors for consideration.

The New Critic supports free speech and aims to avoid censorship. The journal is committed to the scholarly and artistic expression and recognises these as a basic right of diverse individuals and communities in our society. The New Critic regards this as fundamental to the protection of intellectual and artistic expression.