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Conversations, Seminars and Workshops

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View of stone tablet with a carving of a group of peopleEach year the IAS hosts a number of seminars on selected themes as part of our commitment to support and promote innovative and collaborative research.

Of particular interest are projects that may not ordinarily be part of the work that occurs within school or faculty structures, including the involvement by individuals or sectors outside of the academic community, as well as projects which engage in wider contemporary debates.

Regular IAS activities include hosting seminars, roundtables and workshops with distinguished visitors for academic staff from various departments.

2015 Conversations, workshops and seminars

Date Event
8 September Survival Skills Workshop for Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, Business, Education and Law
9 September  Mapping the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences - A Conversation with Emeritus Professor Graeme Turner, Founding Director, Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies
14 September  Conversation with Michael Leunig
17 September  Coversation with Clarke Jones, Project Leader and Co-Director of The Australian Intervention Support Hub (AISH)
16 October  Day of Ideas - Reviving the Flaneur
19 October  Research Engagement for Australia: A Conversation with Professor Peter Gray, Vice-President, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE)