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The Institute values the collaborative work we have undertaken our university and community partners over the years and is pleased to highlight some of their activity that may be of interest. 



AsiaScapes: Contesting Borders

8-10 July 2014

The Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA) is pleased to announce that its 20th Biennial Conference will be held on 8-10 July 2014 at The University of Western Australia, Perth.

The pace of globalisation has made contestation of national borders a key part of both lived realities and academic analysis. Global problems increasingly demand international engagement and cross-disciplinary approaches. As an integrating theme of the 20th Biennial ASAA Conference we focus on both senses of border-crossing – national and disciplinary – in the multipolar world. For more information or to register visit



The Conversation - online journal

The Conversation is an independent source of information, analysis and commentary from the university and research sector - written by acknowledged experts and delivered directly to the public.


UWA Extension

Whether you are seeking out a new interest or looking for instruction, UWA Extension's short courses and events are a great way to meet like-minded people and make new friends. Courses run from half a day to six weeks throughout the year, and offer you intellectual, artistic, personal, and vocational opportunities.

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The Western Australia Institute of Public Administration Australia

The Western Australia Institute of Public Administration Australia established in 1954, is a not-for-profit professional association which enables those with an interest in public administration and public sector reform to exchange ideas on trends, practices and innovations. They offer opportunities for sharing and learning through our wide range of events, training courses and networking opportunities.

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ScienceNetwork Western Australia

The ScienceNetwork WA connects to news, events and information from all corners of the Western Australian science community.

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