Institute of Advanced Studies

2014 Short-Stay Visiting Fellowship Grants


AcademicThe Institute of Advanced Studies is pleased to advise that 2014 nominations for Short-Stay Visiting Fellowships to The University of Western Australia will open on 6 January 2014.

Nominations for 2014 Short-Stay Visiting Fellowship grants may be made year-round for visits between late February and November 2014, subject to availability of funding.

The Short-Stay Visiting Fellowship Grant scheme is intended for visits by individual scholars who will enhance collaboration at The University of Western Australia, research outcomes and knowledge transfer. Recipients of the grant are expected to offer a public lecture and a postgraduate Masterclass for the Institute of Advanced Studies.

Small grants of up to a maximum of $2500 are available for distinguished visitors who will contribute to a variety of activities during their stay. Funding is provided only for travel and accommodation support. 

Applications primarily requesting support of direct research costs that are normally the responsibility of a funding agency such as ARC or NHMRC are unlikely to be supported. IAS Short-Stay Visiting Fellowship grants are not to be used in conjunction with other IAS Program support grants, for conferences or larger programs, or for application of multiple visitors.

For nominations of visitors outside of the academy, please refer to the Short-Stay Visiting Fellowships for non-university-based Artists, Musicians, Writers, Activists and Public Intellectuals which is designed to develop and sustain partnerships with individuals who are not part of the formal University structure. Applicants in the broad area of marine studies might wish to consider the UWA Oceans Institute Short Stay Grants 2014.  Please see for information.

We encourage discussion of your nomination prior to submission. Please contact Susan Takao, Associate Director, to discuss your nomination and obtain any further information. She can be reached at or 6488 8037.

2014 nominations for Short-Stay Visiting Fellowships will open on 6 January 2014 for visits between late February and November 2014.