2018 Day of Ideas

17 November 2018
Followed by a sundowner.
Holmes à Court Gallery@ No. 10
10 Douglas Street, West Perth
(building cnr Newcastle and Douglas Streets with entrance off Douglas Street) 
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Image: Original work by Marty McFly, Fremantle. 

Renovation of a Nation

The 2018 Manning Clark House Day of Ideas presented by Holmes à Court Gallery@ No.10 in association with the UWA Institute of Advanced Studies.

Many Australians today know little about the history of their nation. This lack of knowledge contributes to discord and unsettled relationships within our country. It is time to address the past in order to create a better future, not only for our ourselves but for generations to come. The interest and urgency in this conversation is apparent. For instance, the date we celebrate Australia Day is being challenged and discussed, and there is a proposal for a Makarrata regarding the lack of an Australian treaty. It is time for discussion and debate about where we are at as a nation now and where we want to be.

Before we do anything else we need to re-stump the foundations that were put in place in 1788. Always unbelievably shaky, many of us feel they are now collapsing. Let’s raze the structure to the ground and start again from there.

We’ve been listening to Aboriginal elders speaking and they are saying that there must be TRUTH, JUSTICE and HEALING before there can be RECONCILIATION. This Day of Ideas will address our History and focus on the Uluru Statement from the Heart as a way to move forward, as a design for our renovation. The Day of Ideas will take place within the gallery's current exhibition Australiyaniality which includes artwork made by a group of multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary artists who have been working together over the past eighteen months to produce the works.