Masterclass with Nadine Gassie

Tuesday 4 December 2018, 10am-1pm
Institute of Advanced Studies, UWA
Postgraduate Students, Early Career Researchers, Academics

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The Art of Literary Translation

An Institute of Advanced Studies Masterclass with Nadine Gassie, Translator and 2018 UWA Institute of Advanced Studies Visiting Fellow. 

The aim of this masterclass is to gain valuable insights on the art of literary translation from a highly experienced literary translator. Ahead of the masterclass participants will be provided with the original first chapters respectively of Tim Winton’s Eyrie and David Malouf’s Fly Away Peter. Nadine Gassie has chosen them as representing a gamut of challenges in terms of idiomatic language and typical Australian culture. Participants will be asked to become familiar with the texts, identify what they perceive as translation problems, and isolate approximately twenty lexical challenges.

On the day, Nadine will propose warm-up exercises such as literary games as a way to start a discussion on the process of translating between English and French. The next stage will be to examine the two chapters to pinpoint who speaks, where from, when and how, i.e. the enunciation status of the passages. Paying attention to enunciation is Nadine’s favoured approach to literary translation.

Some time will then be devoted to individual or pair translation of specific segments of the original texts, followed by a pooling of the resulting translations, and a collective decision on the most relevant solutions. During this masterclass Nadine will impart some of her ‘trade secrets’ on how to produce quality literary translations across many languages and cultures.

The masterclass will be conducted in both French and English, and some knowledge of French would be preferable, but participants are not expected to be necessarily fluent.

Nadine Gassie is one of the leading translators of Australian literature into French. After graduating from a Master in Literary Translation, University Paris-Diderot (1994), Nadine Gassie worked for a number of prestigious publishing houses in France such as Harlequin, Rivages and Albin Michel, translating American and Australian novels into French. She has facilitated workshops in the Master of Professional Translation at the University Bordeaux-Montaigne, and been invited by High Schools’ English programs as a guest teacher, raising awareness of literary translation issues through linguistic games.

Her output in the last thirty years is nothing less than formidable, and includes ten novels by best-selling author Stephen King, two by Edward P. Jones (Pulitzer Prize), nine books by Tim Winton, and three by David Malouf. She has won the Halpérine Kaminsky Découverte Translation Prize in 2002.

In producing all her literary translations, Nadine undertakes a great deal of research into the historical and cultural background of the work along with its linguistic peculiarities. Nadine Gassie is a proponent of ‘enunciative translation’, a practice yet to be formalised, and grounded in the Theory of Enunciative Operations implemented by Antoine Culioli. Enunciative translation draws attention to the origins and forms of utterances in a novel for a more accurate transfer of the source text into the target text. She is the official English into French translator of Tim Winton, and will soon translate his latest novel The Shepherd’s Hut (2018).