Anne Rogers and Ivaylo Vassilev Masterclass

28 October 2019,
Institute of Advanced Studies, UWA
Postgraduate Students, Early Career Researchers, Academics


Personal Network Mapping: an introduction to illuminating the social context of everyday health and illness using network mapping in practice

UWA Social Care and Social Ageing Living Lab Postgraduate and ECR Workshop: A masterclass with Professor Anne Rogers and Dr Ivaylo Vassilev, University of Southampton.

In this Masterclass, postgraduate and Early Career Researchers have the opportunity to learn about the background to understanding the contribution of a social networks approach to illuminating the social dynamics of health and well being in daily life and to try out a social network tool in practice.

Personal network mapping methods have the capacity to illuminate the context of living everyday life with a health problem. This includes, the extent to which people are isolated or receive support from others, if and how others including those in the hidden health work force of family, friends, neighbours, pets and work colleagues influence practices and behaviour of individuals. An understanding of how social networks operate in people’s everyday lives also provides a potential way of mobilising, mediating and accessing support for health and well-being.

Drawing on empirical research and the development and implementation of a social intervention we draw out the power and potential of small world connections to illuminate a socially grounded approach to health and illness management. We will consider:

  • How social networks influence the capacity to manage mental health in domestic settings through negotiating relational work with humans and pets.
  • How hidden relational influences on emergency department attendance reframes the notion of appropriate and inappropriate attender.
  • How implementing  a web-based tool comprising: network mapping, preference elicitation and facilitated connectivity to activities and resources can enhance support and add to theory concerning social networks and community engagement.

We will go onto explore the network analysis through using the method of concentric circles (convoy method to map social network membership) in relation to a health or wellness topic.The concentric circle (name generator based) tool in an established method which allows analysis across interactive network dimensions.

Come to the workshop ready to discuss the relevance of social network analysis to your area of research.


Anne Rogers is Professor of Medical Sociology & Health Systems Implementation at the University of Southampton. Her research interests include research in the sociological aspects of mental health and illness, users experiences of health care, health need and demand for care, and how patients adapt to and incorporate new technologies into their everyday life. Currently she is focused on addressing how personal and social networks and relationships in domestic and community settings act as a conduit for accessing resources and support for managing health and illness.

Ivaylo Vassilev is Principal research fellow in health sciences at the University of Soutampton he has a background is in sociology and his current research is focused on the political economy of chronic illness and using networks methodologies for the study of chronic illness management and developing, further designing and studying the implementation of a social network intervention for managing health and illness.Registered participants will be sent details of pre-readings and other preparatory activities.