Masterclass with Johannes Strobel

14 November, 2019,
Institute of Advanced Studies, UWA
Postgraduate Students, Early Career Researchers, Academics, Professional Researchers


Image of Johannes Strobel

Selecting Survey Instruments:

A Masterclass in Education Research, for Research Students from Engineering and Physical Science Backgrounds with Dr Johannes Strobel, Information Science & Learning Technologies, University of Missouri and Institute of Advanced Studies Visiting Fellow.

The quality of educational research stands or falls with the quality of instruments you choose to conduct your research. Similarly to engineering and physical science disciplines, social science and education research operate from accepted norms and standards of accuracy, validity. reliability and precision. Differently from other disciplines, education research deals by and large with a vast amount of different theoretical frameworks, phenomena and research participants which are complex and unpredictable  – in short, human.

This master class will:

  1. introduce participants to the complexity and norms of education research instruments,
  2. demonstrate practical ways to select existing instruments and
  3. discuss the role of theoretical constructs and instruments in designing educational research.

Resource to peruse:

Douglas, K.A., Rynearson, A., Purzer, S. & Strobel, J. (2016). Reliability, Validity, and Fairness: A Content Analysis of Assessment Development Publications in Major Engineering Education Journals. International Journal of Engineering Education, 32, 5.  

Dr Johannes Strobel is Full Professor, Information Science & Learning Technologies at the University of Missouri, USA where he leads a maker space initiative and conducts research in STEM education. His research focuses on engineering as an innovation in education; learning through hands-on activities; defiance, empathy, care and worldviews in engineering. Dr Strobel was PI, Co-PI and key personnel of research and development grants totalling over $30MM in the US and Canada. He has published more than 160 papers in journals, proceedings and book chapters (many published with graduate and undergraduate students) and co-edited four books. Dr Strobel served as an Invited Member on the National Academy of Engineering Committee for Implementing Engineering in K-12 (schooling). Dr Strobel was co-lead designer of Hands-on Standards STEM in Action™—an internationally available set of learning modules for preK-5th grades published by ETA hand2mind®. Dr. Strobel received the 2018 Science Educator of the Year Award from the Academy of Science - St. Louis and the 2018 STEM Excellence Award from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).