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The Professors-at-Large Fellowship provides visiting fellowships to attract eminent scholars, writers, public intellectuals and artists to UWA in conjunction with host departments.

The aim of the program is to provide cross-disciplinary, sustained involvement to both the academic and postgraduate life of the University. Professors-at-Large are provided with travel, accommodation and office space at the Institute. Fellows visit for a minimum of two weeks per year, for two years, with a possibility of a third year, dependent on research outcomes.

The IAS Professor-at-Large Fellowship for distinguished scholars will be replaced by the IAS Distinguished International Visiting Fellowship in 2015. Visit our grants page to find out about other grants offered by the Institute.

2014 IAS Professor-at-Large Fellows

Professor Michael Collins
Michael Collins 50
Emeritus Professor, Southampton University UK & Ikerbasque Fellow, UPV, Spain
Professor Collins visited UWA in May. His visit was supported by Chari Pattiaratchi, Environmental Systems Engineering, Gary Kendrick, UWA Oceans Institute and Liang Cheng, Civil and Resource Engineering.
Professor Robert J Naiman
Robert Naiman
Aquatic & Fishery Sciences, University of Washington
Professor Naiman visited UWA in March and he gave a Public Lecture entitled Rainforests and Savannas: understanding ecological processes in river floodplains and a Masterclass entitled Socio-Ecological Complexity and the Restoration of River Ecosystems. His visit was supported by Stephen Hopper, Dale Roberts and Paul Close, Centre of Excellence in Natural Resource Management and Peter Davies, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research), UWA.
Dr JD Hill
JD Hill
Director of Research, The British Museum
Dr Hill visited UWA in May. His visit was supported by Alistair Paterson, Archaeology, UWA and Alec Coles, WA Museum.
Professor Jonathan Rigg
Professor, Geography Department, Durham University
Professor Rigg visited UWA in May and he gave a Public Lecture entitled The Shadows of Success: A critical development geography of Southeast Asia and a Masterclass entitled Research Writing for the Social Sciences. His visit was supported by Matthew Tonts, Earth & Environment, UWA.
Professor James Fourqueran
James Fourqurean
Department of Biological Sciences and Southeast Environmental Research Center, Florida International University
Professor Fourqueran will visit UWA in July and give a Public Lecture entitled Living and Working Underwater: The Aquarius Reef Base underwater laboratory and residence and a Masterclass entitled Blue Carbon: Carbon storage in coastal marine ecosystems and its importance in climate change mitigation schemes. His visit is supported by Gary Kendrick and Carlos Duarte, UWA Ocean Institute.
Professor Sasha Roseneil
Sasha Roseneil
Assistant Dean (Research), School of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy, Birbeck, University of London
Professor Roseneil will visit UWA in September and give a Public Lecture entitled Together/Apart: intimacy and autonomy in contemporary personal life and a Masterclass entitled Researching Intimacy and Personal Life. Her visit is supported by Karen Upton-Davis and Donna Chung, Social Work and Social Policy, UWA and Alison Bartlett, Gender Studies, UWA.
Professor Eric Higgs
Eric Higgs
Professor and former Director of the School of Environmental Studies, University of Victoria, Canada
Professor Higgs will visit UWA in October and give a Masterclass entitled Invasive species management: a reassessment for the Anthropocene. His visit is supported by Andrea Gaynor, History, UWA and Richard Hobbs, Plant Biology, UWA.
Professor Ole Pedersen
Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Freshwater Biology University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Dr Pedersen will visit UWA in October. His visit is supported by Tim Colmer, School of Plant Biology, UWA, Gary Kendrick, School of Plant Biology and UWA Oceans Institute and Matt Hipsey, School of Earth and Environment, UWA.
Professor Achim Kempf
Achim Kempf
Department of Applied Mathematics and Physics, University of Waterloo
Professor Kempf will visit UWA in October. His visit is supported by Jingbo Wang and Ian McArthur, Physics, UWA.
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