Christophe Gaudin Lecture

25 October 2018
Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre Auditorium,
(Building 453), The University of Western Australia
General Public, Faculty/Staff, Students, Alumni

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Blue Energy: South West WA’s future as a marine renewables hub

A public lecture by Professor Christophe Gaudin, Head of Oceans Graduate School and Director Wave Energy Research Centre.

Energy security is a critical issue in the 21st century and marine renewable energy resources are an important component of the blue economy agenda in Australia and internationally. Compared to other forms of renewable energy, wave energy is more consistent and more concentrated, but this industry is still in its infancy. 

UWA is a global leader in ocean engineering and recently received $3.75 million from the Western Australian State Government to establish The Wave Energy Research Centre (WERC) in Albany. This announcement of a wave energy development project and research centre demonstrates a welcome investment by the Western Australian state government into marine renewable energy. WERC will be a knowledge hub for the wave, tidal and offshore wind energy industries and is set to play an active part in Albany’s transformation into Australia’s marine renewable energy capital.

In this public lecture Professor Gaudin will discuss why marine renewable energy is an important component of the blue economy agenda and why Western Australia is one of the most promising wave and tidal energy locations in the world.

Professor of Geotechnical Engineering at UWA, Professor Christophe Gaudin is Director of the newly established Wave Energy Research Centre in Albany and Head of the Oceans Graduate School, a multi-disciplinary research group of about 100 oceanographers, structural, hydrodynamics and geotechnical engineers. 

After graduating with a Doctorate in Soil Mechanics (Ecole Centrale de Nantes) in 2002, Christophe joined UWA in 2003. His research interests cover offshore anchoring systems and shallow foundations, pipeline-soil interaction and similitude principles associated with centrifuge modelling, for which he has authored more than 180 referred publications. He is currently spearheading several research initiatives associated with foundation systems for offshore renewables, with support from local and international industry. 

Professor Gaudin has built a strong relationship with the offshore oil and gas and wave energy industry, raising and managing over $12M of research funding and producing over 80 consulting reports.

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