Gilad Rosner Lecture

16 April 2019


glass house

Glass Houses: the Internet of Things and its encroachment on intimacy

A public lecture by Dr Gilad Rosner, founder, Internet of Things Privacy Forum and Institute of Advanced Studies Visiting Fellow.

How many cameras do you have in your home? How many microphones? The Internet of Things, smart homes and connected devices are becoming commonplace concepts, but what do these technologies mean for intimacy? The home, classically cherished as a private space, is becoming more transparent to a myriad of commercial interests. Do you have to have ‘something to hide’ merely if you want to avoid the penetrating gaze of your Things? Or, is it still appropriate to imagine people are making ‘trade-offs’ when they exchange some of their privacy for services, even if they paid outright for a device and it’s installed in the home for long periods of time?

In this talk, Dr Gilad Rosner will explore the technologies, business relationships, regulations and social concepts implied by bringing listening and watching devices into the home. He will discuss the overlapping ideas of privacy, data protection, boundary management and consent, examining both the emerging challenges to intimacy and some of the more promising frameworks to address them.

Dr Gilad L. Rosner is a privacy and information policy researcher, and founder of the IoT Privacy Forum. Dr Rosner’s broader work focuses on identity management, US & EU privacy and data protection regimes, and online trust. His research has been used by the UK House of Commons Science & Technology Committee report on Responsible Use of Data, and he is a featured expert on the BBC and O’Reilly. Dr Rosner’s 20-year IT career has spanned ID management technologies, digital media, automation and telecommunications.

Gilad is a member of the UK Cabinet Office Privacy and Consumer Advisory Group, which provides independent analysis on Government digital initiatives, and a member of the Advisory Group of Experts convened to support the forthcoming review of the OECD Privacy Guidelines. He is an Associate Researcher at UC Berkeley’s Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, a Visiting Researcher at the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute, and has consulted on trust issues for the UK government's identity assurance programme, Gilad was a policy advisor to Wisconsin State Representative Melissa Sargent, contributing directly to legislation on law enforcement access to location data, access to digital assets upon death, and the collection of student biometrics.