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  • 'An Intellectual Tapas' was an Inquiring Minds event co-sponsored by the Institute of Advanced Studies, the Centre for Software Practice, and Research Services at The University of Western Australia.

UWA 2014 Research Tasting Night – An Intellectual Tapas

Tapas14What do we love about tapas? Perhaps it’s the small tastings that get our appetites working, usually in a convivial setting that encourages discussion, and this is just what our UWA research tasting night was all about.

In this special event, guests were served small talks from some of UWA’s most exciting researchers across a wide variety of disciplines. You can view the 2013 Research Tasting Night event here.


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The Academic of the Future Will Be a Very Different Thing (Is It Just Academic?)
Winthrop Professor John Dell, Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics
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China’s Rise and Security/Defence Implications
Winthrop Professor Peter Robertson, Head, Economics Discipline
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Treating Cancer - Less is More
Winthrop Professor Christobel Saunders, Deputy Head, School of Surgery
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tierra y plantas

The Economics of Agricultural Water Pollution
Winthrop Professor David Pannell, Head, School of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Director, Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy
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dulce y picante

Danger on the Tracks: the perils of train travel in the nineteenth century
Professor Clarissa Ball, School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Visual Arts and Director, Institute of Advanced Studies
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Music: Superfood for the soul?
Assistant Professor Ashley Smith, School of Music
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Shakespeare and Anzac Day
Winthrop Professor Philip Mead, Chair of Australian Literature
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Pushing the Limits of Sensory Perception: some astounding examples from under the sea
Winthrop Professor Shaun Collin, Deputy Director, Oceans Institute and IAS Distinguished Fellow
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Imagining an Indian Ocean Archaeology
Professor Alistair Paterson, Head, School of Social Sciences
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