View of a stone statue of Diotima

The IAS Masterclass provides an opportunity for postgraduate students to meet and discuss or present their research with a distinguished scholar who is visiting UWA.

The ambience of the IAS makes the occasion particularly special for postgraduates, separate from their usual environments and free of departmental associations, a particularly useful feature for cross-disciplinary groups.

Over a one-day period, students present short papers on their own research or interests within the framework of the stated topic, and each presentation is then discussed by the group.

There is also opportunity for students who wish to discuss their work informally rather than presenting a paper.

IAS Masterclasses are cross-disciplinary and submissions are welcome across all relevant disciplines. All interested postgraduate students from Perth universities are invited to attend, as well as academic staff, however registration is essential.

We aim for no more than eight papers to be given during the day, with the total attendance, including academics and those not presenting papers, to be no more than 20 to allow for a relaxed, informal atmosphere.