In the 21st century, The University of Western Australia is recognised internationally as an excellent, research-intensive university and a leading intellectual and creative resource to the community it serves.

A broad and balanced coverage of disciplines in the Arts, Sciences and the professions at internationally recognised standards is offered, and the University is characterised by a strong research and postgraduate emphasis across the full range of these disciplines, as well as research excellence in selected areas of strength, opportunity and importance.

The University fosters an international focus for all its activities and standards as an integral part of its overriding commitment to excellence and high quality. It will be valued, above all, for its enduring commitment to improving society through learning and discovery.

The Institute of Advanced Studies contributes in all of these priority areas for the University, and reaches out to the broadest definition of community: a community of scholars, of students, and of an interested general community of inquiring and curious people.


To promote the recognition of the University of Western Australia in its mission of achieving international excellence by initiating strategies that:

  • encourage cross-disciplinary research
  • encourage distinguished scholars to visit the University and assist their residency
  • encourage dissemination of the University's research results to the larger population through our activities
  • stimulate public debate on contemporary issues
  • develop and maintain institutional collaboration with the key partners of the University.

Activities and programs

Specific programs of the Institute include:

  • promoting and maximising the benefit from visiting scholars and fellowships for all members of our academic community
  • coordinating across faculties and discipline areas to enhance the profile and opportunities of research initiatives
  • organising and hosting interdisciplinary research seminars, conferences and workshops for staff and postgraduate students
  • hosting visits from distinguished professionals outside of the academy, including artists and public intellectuals, who can contribute to scholarly debate
  • being a centralised contact to ensure the University gains benefit from international and national benchmark agreements
  • being a creative resource to the academic, professional, business, graduate and cultural communities.

Other activities will include:

  • the IAS Visiting Fellowships, through which distinguished scholars are invited to participate across disciplines in the University community as well as in their specialist field
  • management of the Gledden Visiting Senior Fellowship to encourage wider participation by distinguished scholars in cognate disciplines.

Further information