HGS Masterclass

12 March 2024
UWA Institute of Advanced Studies
Postgraduate Students, Early Career Researchers, Academics, Professional Researchers


Hydrogen Geological Storage – Research Opportunities

An Institute of Advanced Studies Masterclass

HGS has been identified a critical step for energy transition from fossil-based systems to renewable sources. Large-scale HGS offers the capacity to deal with the imbalance between intermittent supply of those energy sources and varying demand for energy. However, the effectiveness and risks of HGS are not understood.

This IAS Masterclass will examine some of these challenges and opportunities.

Presenters: Professor Derek Elsworth, Professor Wancheng Zhu, Professor Enzhi Wang and Professor Quan Gan.

Hydrogen Geological Storage in Depleted Unconventional Fields
Professor Derek Elsworth, G. Albert Shoemaker Chair and Professor, Center for Geomechanics, Geofluids, and Geohazards, Penn State University.

Hydrogen Geological Storage in Mined Voids
Professor Wancheng Zhu, Center for Rock Instability and Seismicity Research (CRISR), Department of Mining Engineering, Northeastern University.

The Role of AI in Underground Space
Professor Enzhi Wang, Director/Center for Intelligent Technology of Underground Space, Tsinghua University.

Safety and Integrity of Hydrogen Geological Storage
Professor Quan Gan, Chair, Department of Safety Engineering, Chongqing University.

Professors Elsworth, Zhu, Wang and Gan are all recipients of a 2024 UWA Robert and Maude Gledden Visiting Fellowship Award. During their stay at UWA, they will be working closely with Professor Jishan Liu in the UWA School of Engineering.

The UWA Robert and Maude Gledden Visiting Fellowships aim to support global research collaborations by bringing outstanding researchers to UWA to conduct research with a UWA host.

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