Institute of Advanced Studies

Postgraduate Masterclasses


The IAS Masterclass provides an opportunity for postgraduate students and early career researchers to meet and discuss their research with a distinguished scholar who is visiting UWA.

Participants will present short papers within the framework of the stated topic, which will then be opened for discussion by the group. Places are available for those who wish to attend and participate in the discussion, but do not wish to give a paper.

IAS Masterclasses are cross-disciplinary and submissions are welcome across all relevant disciplines. Interested postgraduate students, early career researchers and academics from all Perth universities are invited to attend, as well as those working in relevant fields.

Masterclasses are free, lunch is provided, and registration is essential. To register, select the masterclass listed below that you wish to attend.

Masterclasses in 2015

Date  Topic Speaker 
8 Sep Survival Skills Workshop for Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, Business, Education and Law   
14 Sep Conversation with Michael Leunig Michael Leunig, Cartoonist, artist, philosopher
17 Sep Conversation with Dr Clarke Jones Clarke Jones, Regulatory Institutions Network (RegNet), ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, Australian National University  
29 Sep Soul Sounds: Working with communities to find their voice to reach, inform and touch Sarah Yu and Mayu Kanamori, 2015 IAS Artists-in-Residence
5 Oct  Venus, Earth’s sister planet: techniques for accessing and interpreting Venus’ rich geologic record  Vicki Hansen, McKnight Presidential Professor of Earth & Planetary Science, University of Minnesota, Duluth and 2015 UWA Gledden Visiting Fellow
9 Oct  Three topics in computer vision and pattern recognition   Robert Fisher, Dean of Research, Science and Engineering, University of Edinburgh and 2015 IAS Distinguished Visiting Fellow
12 Oct Communicating with Chaos: Communication Modelling Using Chaotic Transmission: Statistical and Dynamical Aspects and aSynchronized Laser Application  Tony Lawrance, Department of Statistics, University of Warwick and 2015 IAS Short Stay Visiting Fellow 
16 Oct  Day of Ideas - Reviving the Flaneur  
21 Oct Ultra-efficient solar cells: thermodynamics, optics and solid-state physics Jeffrey M. Gordon, Professor, Department of Solar Energy & Environmental Physics, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and 2015 Gledden Visiting Fellow
26 Oct Land rights, the rights of indigenous peoples and transnational litigation in Cambodia Benjamin Rutledge, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Cambodia and 2015 IAS Short Stay Visiting Fellow