Robert and Maude Gledden Visiting Fellowships Awarded 2020-2022

Gledden Visiting Fellowships support global research collaborations by providing funding to bring outstanding researchers to UWA.

2023 Robert and Maude Gledden Visiting Fellows - Awarded in 2022

Associate Professor Ashlee Dere, University of Nebraska Omaha
HOST: Dr Talitha Santini, School of Agriculture and Environment

Professor Elhem Ghorbel, CY Cergy Paris Université
HOST: Professor Ali Karrech, Engineering

Emeritus Professor Jeffrey Gordon, Ben Gurion University of the Negev
HOST: Professor Hui Tong Chua, Chemical Engineering

Associate Professor Ludek Hyncik, University of West Bohemia
HOST: Professor Adam Wittek, Mechanical Engineering

Dr Aurelien Ponte, researcher, Physical Oceanography, French Institute of Research for the Exploitation of the Sea (IFREMER)
HOST: Associate Professor Nicole L Jones, UWA Oceans Institute

Dr Elena Vedmedenko, Department of Physics, University of Hamburg
HOST: Professor Mikhail Kostylev, Physics

2022 Robert and Maude Gledden Visiting Fellowships - Awarded in 2021

Only one award was made in 2021 due to constraints caused by COVID-19 precautions.

Jing (Jin) Jiang, Ph.D., P.Eng. Distinguished University Professor, NSERC/UNENE Senior Industrial Research Chair in Control, Instrumentation, and Electrical Systems, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Western Ontario
HOST: Professor Ho Ching Iu, School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering

2021 Robert and Maude Gledden Visiting Fellowships - Awarded in 2020

Dr Georges Beaudoin, Professor of Economic Geology, Université Laval, Québec Canada
HOST: Associate Professor Marco Fiorentini, School of Earth Sciences

Mohamed Darouach, Professor of Exceptional class 2 (Distinguished Professor), University of Lorraine
HOST: Professor Tyrone Fernando, School of Engineering

Dr James L. Hench, Associate Professor of Oceanography, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University
HOST: Dr Ryan J. Lowe, UWA Oceans Institute, School of Earth Sciences

Professor Stefan Pfeiffer, University of Bayreuth
HOST: Professor Carolyn Oldham, School of Engineering

Dr Johanna Rosman, Associate Professor, Physical Oceanography, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
HOST: Dr Nicole L. Jones, Associate Professor, UWA Oceans Institute Graduate School

2020 Robert and Maude Gledden Visiting Fellowships - Awarded in 2019

Dr Cayelan Carey, Virginia Tech
HOST: Associate Professor Matt Hipsey, School of Agriculture and Environment

Professor Mark Thompson, The University of Southern California
HOST: Professor George Koutsantonis, School of Molecular Sciences

Professor Griffiths, D. Vaughan, Colorado School of Mines
HOST: Professor Yuxia Hu , School of Engineering, Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering