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The New Critic Lecture 2010
Murdering Stepmothers  - the sensational trial and execution of Martha Rendell
by Anna Haebich, Research Intensive Professor at Griffith University.
21 Sept @6pm

Editorial: Looking Forward and Looking Back

David Ritter
In contemporary politics, amidst the ceaseless quest for ‘reform’, we should also turn our eyes to the preservation of what stands to be lost, and for that matter, to be unafraid to recover that which should be retrieved.  

The Fight Against ‘Stop and Search’ Laws

Katherine Storey, Pearl Lim and Yannis Vrodos on behalf of Search for Your Rights
The government’s proposals overthrow the fine balance between personal autonomy and public safety encapsulated in the concept of reasonable suspicion, undermining civil rights held by every Western Australian citizen.

Facing a Terminal Illness – should how and when you die be your last right?

Linda Savage MLC
There is some optimism that a state in Australia may have legislation allowing physician-assisted dying in the foreseeable future. The number of bills being introduced in state parliaments continues at a steady pace and there is optimism that there may be the numbers to tip the balance in the next few years.

Climate Change Policy in WA, Australia and the World: What Next?

Ruth Morgan
 How can countries with different economies, cultures and political systems forge an agreement to mitigate climate change? It is indeed a difficult question, but July’s seminar went some way towards shedding light on the different approaches that (Western) Australia might take in the lead up to the Cancun climate summit in December.

Sound and Fury: The Resources Tax

Sarah Burnside
Illustrating that this is an era of globalised politics, the ill-fated resources super profits tax (RSPT) is now invoked as a warning to other countries against ‘resource nationalism’.

Hawke: Getting relaxed and comfortable with the people’s philanderer

Andrew Thackrah
It is a challenging task to convert the nuts and bolts of public policy implementation into engaging history, let alone gripping television drama. Kevin Rudd’s brief Prime Ministership, after all, reminds us that “we campaign in poetry, but we govern in prose”.

Obituary. Hon. John (jock) Kilday Jock Ferguson MLC. 15th January 1946 - 13th February 2010

Louise Pratt
It is recognised by all who knew Jock Ferguson what a strong, cheeky and vibrant character he was. He was known for standing up for what he believed in – and doing so courageously.