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Each year the Institute hosts or co-hosts public talks and other events by distinguished visiting and local scholars, artists, writers and public intellectuals. These events contribute to our goal of sharing current research, new ideas and encouraging discussion and debate within the broader community.

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Public Talks in 2018


20 March
Knowing Autism
A public lecture by Liz Pellicano, Professor of Educational Studies, Macquarie University

26 March

Encountering: The Conceptual Body, or a Theory of When, Where, and How Art “Means”
A public lecture by Amelia Jones, the Robert A. Day Professor, Roski School of Art and Design, University of Southern California.


3 April

Reading for Little Rebels: internationalism and radical writing for children
A public lecture by Kimberley Reynolds, Professor of Children’s Literature, School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics, Newcastle University and 2018 Institute of Advanced Studies Visiting Fellow.

4 April

Resisting the Orientalization of the Enemy: Korean Americans, Japanese American Incarceration, and Moral Imagination on the Homefront during World War II
A public lecture by Lili M. Kim, Associate Professor of History and Global Migrations, School of Critical Social Inquiry, Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA and 2017-2018 Fulbright Senior Scholar, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea

5 April

Allegories for Meditation and Self-Reflection in the Elite Renaissance Home
A public lecture by Dr Elizabeth Reid, Researcher in the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions

This lecture is part of a lecture series: A Window on Italy – The Corsini Collection: Masterpieces from Florence 

7 April

FLORA Symposium: Challenges Facing Sustainability of Plants in Western Australia Today

10 April
Love in Times of War: war wives and widows in Shakespeare
A public lecture by Bob White, Professor of English and Cultural Studies, UWA

This talk is part of a lecture series Peace and War: Representations in European Art and Literature

11 April
Moment of Truth: History and Australia’s Future
A public lecture by Mark McKenna, Research Fellow, History, University of Sydney.

17 April
Beautiful Florentines: perfumes, powders and paint in the Renaissance
A public lecture by Professor Evelyn Welch, Provost (Arts & Sciences), King’s College London.

19 April
The Secret of Cultured Pearls Revealed- from the Water to your Necklace
A public lecture by Dr Marie-Lise Schläppy, Research Associate at The University of Western Australia and the Australian Institute of Marine Science.

This talk is part of a lecture series - All at Sea - Restoration and Recovery

1 May
The Collective Power and Potential of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women and girls: recognising their human rights in achieving gender equity
The 2018 Grace Vaughan Memorial Lecture by June Oscar AO, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner.

3 May

Ageing and Care in Mediterranean Countries: the case of Italy
A public lecture by Giuliana Costa, Associate Professor of Sociology, Politecnico di Milano and Institute of Advanced Studies Visiting Fellow.