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Each year the Institute hosts or co-hosts public talks and other events by distinguished visiting and local scholars, artists, writers and public intellectuals. These events contribute to our goal of sharing current research, new ideas and encouraging discussion and debate within the broader community.

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Public Talks in 2019

4 June
The Human Cost of Drone Warfare
A public lecture by Alex Edney-Browne, International Relations, University of Melbourne.
5 June

The Rise of Militarism in Australia and What We Can Do About it
A public lecture by Margaret Beavis, GP and secretary of the Medical Association for Prevention of War.

6 June

Rheumatic Heart Disease: A Case Study
A public lecture by Dr Mark Engel, Associate Professor within the Medicine Department at University of Cape Town and 2019 UWA Institute of Advanced Studies Visiting Fellow.

11 June
Charting courses through the Ice – Envisioning Antarctic Futures
A public lecture by Dr Daniela Liggett, Centre for Antarctic Studies and Research (Gateway Antarctica), University of Canterbury and 2019 UWA Institute of Advanced Studies Visiting Fellow.
12 June
Everyday Life in a 17th Century Swedish Aristocratic Household
A public lecture by Svante Norrhem, Associate Professor of History at Lund University and 2019 UWA Institute of Advanced Studies Visiting Fellow.

18 June
Missing Magnificence: tracing Catherine de Medici’s hidden cultural legacy
A public lecture by Professor Susan Broomhall, History, UWA

19 June
The Global Rembrandt
A public lecture by Arvi Wattel, School of Design (History of Art), UWA

25 June
The Russian Media Landscape, 30 Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall
A public lecture with journalist Yevgenia Albats

9 July
Right to Food: A reflection of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Right to Food
A public lecture by Professor Hilal Elver, Global Distinguished Fellow, Resnick Program for Food Law and Policy, UCLA Law School and UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food.

11 July
Current Global Crises: towards a more humane global governance.
A public lecture by Professor Richard Falk, Professor Emeritus of International Law, Princeton University and UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (2008-2014).

23 July
Pulling Back the Big Blue Curtain: big fish and big parks.
A public lecture by Jessica Meeuwig, Professor of Marine Science, The University of Western Australia and 2019 Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering Eminent Speaker.
24 July
Finding Rembrandt in Love and Life
A public lecture by Dr Susan Broomhall, School of Humanities (History), UWA.
1 August
No Sense of Place?
The 2019 George Seddon Memorial Lecture by Don Bradshaw, Emeritus Professor, Zoology.