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Each year the Institute hosts or co-hosts public talks and other events by distinguished visiting and local scholars, artists, writers and public intellectuals. These events contribute to our goal of sharing current research, new ideas and encouraging discussion and debate within the broader community.

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Public Talks in 2018

11 December

Photons & Gravitational Waves
You are invited to join us at UWA’s Octagon Theatre for a free double bill event featuring two outstanding physics communicators addressing two of the deepest questions of physics. Professor Markus Aspelmeyer, Professor of Physics at the University of Vienna will address the question, “What is a Photon?” while Professor Rainer Weiss, Nobel Laureate, inventor of gravitational wave detectors, and discoverer of gravitational waves, will tell the story of the century quest to detect Einstein’s elusive waves.

This is a family friendly event also suitable for high school students.

14 December
The Promise of Quantum Computing (and how we’re going to get there!)
A public lecture by Jeremy O’Brien, Co-founder and CEO, PsiQuantum and 2018 UWA Institute of Advanced Studies Visiting Fellow.