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Many of our public lectures are recorded. If you've missed one of our recent lectures, you can access recordings via our previous lectures pages.

The Institute of Advanced Studies hosts a selection of public lectures by prominent local, national and international speakers.

Public Lectures in 2015

Date Lecture Speaker
7 Sep 6pm A Good Night’s Sleep: Sleep disorders and the shape of your face - A UWA Research Week Event Peter Eastwood, Centre for Sleep Science, and Ajmal Mian, Machine Intelligence Group, UWA
10 Sep 6pm Coastal Science: Reflections on the past and present and ideas for the future- A UWA Research Week Event Bruce Thom AM FTSE FIAG, Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Science, University of Sydney 
12 Sep 1pm  The Story of Lustre: Shedding light on how a community-based exhibition evolved - A UWA Research Week Event Lecture and guided tour
14 Sep  6pm Does Size Matter: Big Data or Complex Data? Michael Small, ARC Future Fellow and Professor of Applied Mathematics, The University of Western Australia 
16 Sep 6pm De-Radicalisation - Community-Led Intervention in Australia Clarke Jones, Regulatory Institutions Network (RegNet), ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, Australian National University
21 Sep 6pm No-take marine reserves provide benefits to biodiversity, science and education: Can they also optimise yield for fisheries in data poor situations? Tim Langlois and Jordan Goetze, UWA Oceans Institute
24 Sep 6pm What Colour Are Your Eyes? - 2015 International Year of Light Lecture Series David Mackey, Managing Director of the Lions Eye Institute and Director, Centre for Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at UWA 
29 Sep 6pm Blurring Boundaries – the role of the artist in social history, responsibility and ethical choices Mayu Kanamori, 2015 IAS Artist-in-Residence
30 Sep 6pm Criminalizing dissent: Social movements and the erosion of protest rights Greg Martin, Senior Lecturer in Socio-Legal Studies, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Sydney
5 Oct  6pm  The Wonders of Creation and the Singularities of Painting: An illustrated Arabic manuscript from the early 14th century Stefano Carboni, Director, Art Gallery of Western Australia and Adjunct Professor of Islamic Art, The University of Western Australia 
6 Oct 6pm  Venus, Earth’s sister planet: Clues about Earth early evolution Vicki Hansen, McKnight Presidential Professor of Earth & Planetary Science, University of Minnesota, Duluth and 2015 UWA Gledden Visiting Fellow
7 Oct 6pm  How to define time without presupposing time? Paul Baird, Professeur Classe Exceptionnelle, Université de Bretagne Occidentale,  Laboratoire de Mathématiques de Bretagne Atlantique
8 Oct 6pm Rise of the Machines Hugh Durrant-Whyte, ARC Federation Fellow, the University of Sydney
12 Oct 6pm The Future of Autism Research in Western Australia (Fully Booked) Andrew Whitehouse, Head, Developmental Disorders Research Group, Telethon Kids Institute
14 Oct  6pm  How Do You Restore Seagrass Meadows? A Guide to Seagrass Restoration  John Statton and Gary Kendrick, UWA Oceans Institute 
19 Oct 6pm Applying Computer Vision Methods to Ecological Problems Robert Fisher, Robert Fisher, Dean of Research, Science and Engineering, University of Edinburgh and 2015 IAS Distinguished Visiting Fellow
20 Oct 6pm Rapid Access Ice Drill:  A new tool for exploration of the deep Antarctic ice sheets and subglacial geology John Goodge, Professor of Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Minnesota-Duluth
21 Oct  6pm  View from the Shore: the cultural impact of globalization on Indonesia during the Age of Spices  James Bennett, Curator of Asian Art, Art Gallery of South Australia and co-curator of Treasure Ships: Art in the Age of Spices 
22 Oct 6pm Light Events - 2015 International Year of Light Lecture Series Rebecca Baumann, artist
28 Oct 6pm Tales of the ex-Apes Jonathan Marks, Professor of Anthropology, University of North Carolina