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On the Edge

The Institute of Advanced Studies ‘On the Edge’ series provides lectures, forums and debates on a variety of ‘edgy’ topics.

Lectures in 2015

Pat DudgeonPat Dudgeon

Living on the Edge: Suicide in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities - by Professor Pat Dudgeon, School of Indigenous Studies, UWA and Director of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Evaluation Project.

Richard DennissRichard Denniss

How to win a fight about the budget: How economic modelling is used to circumvent democracy and shut down debate - by Richard Denniss, Chief Economist, The Australia Institute

Essay: Spreadsheets of power: How economic modelling is used to circumvent democracy and shut down debate by Richard Denniss in The Monthly

Clarke JonesClarke Jones

De-Radicalisation - Community-Led Intervention in Australia? - by Dr Clarke Jones, Regulatory Institutions Network (RegNet), ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, Australian National University

Lectures in 2014

Bill LoudenBill Louden

Australia’s national curriculum: A jump to the left and a jump to the right? - by Bill Louden, Emeritus Professor of Education at The University of

Paul PowerPaul Power

What happens now that Australia has 'stopped the boats'? - by Paul Power, Chief Executive Officer of the Refugee Council of Australia

Ben SmithBenjamin W Smith

The looting and trafficking of cultural property in Africa: Why we should care and what we can do about it - by Professor Benjamin W. Smith, Winthrop Professor of World Rock Art at The University of Western Australia

Jon JureidiniJon Jureidini

Over Diagnosis and Over Treatment of Mental Illnesses - by Dr Jon Jureidini, child psychiatrist, Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Adelaide