Challenges in Training and Educating 21st-Century Interpreters



Challenges in Training and Educating 21st-Century Interpreters

A public lecture by Marc Orlando, Director of Translation and Interpreting Studies program, Monash University, Melbourne

Working in a globalised and digitised world, and having to adapt to many different working environments, twenty-first century translators and interpreters face new challenges. They should therefore be trained to cope with the novel multifaceted realities of their profession. To meet these challenges and to gain the adaptability necessary to succeed in their role as linguistic and cultural mediators today’s and tomorrow’s practitioners should be exposed to, and learn from, the four dimensions of the Translation and Interpreting field: theoretical, technological, practical and professional.

This presentation focused specifically on the training and education of interpreters. It discussed today’s interpreting working environments, required skills and competence, modes of interpreting, technologies and equipment, as well as specialisations. The aim of this training is for twenty-first century interpreters to achieve the status of practitioners-researchers or practisearchers (Gile, 1995).

Marc Orlando is a senior lecturer in Translation and Interpreting Studies and the director of the T&I Studies program at Monash University, Melbourne. He carries out research on the synergies between practice and research in training of T&I and is currently investigating the use of digital technology in interpreter education as well as the role of translators and interpreters in different contexts of work. His recently published monograph Training 21st century Translators and Interpreters: at the crossroads of practice, research and pedagogy, covers these aspects of his work. Marc Orlando is also an active NAATI accredited conference interpreter and translator, and a full member of AIIC and of AUSIT.

Professor Orlando is a 2017 Institute of Advanced Studies Visiting Fellow.

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