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Tapas14UWA 2015 Research Tasting Night

What do we love about tapas? Perhaps it’s the small tastings that get our appetites working, usually in a convivial setting that encourages discussion, and this is just what our UWA research tasting night is all about.

In this special event, presented by the Institute of Advanced Studies and Research Services at The University of Western Australia, guests were served small talks from some of UWA’s most exciting researchers across a wide variety of disciplines – from rock art and music, development studies and law to cutting edge medicine, business and engineering - our intellectual tastings will provide food for thought.

The talks were filmed and can be viewed on our YouTube Channel. You can view the 2014 Research Tasting Night event here.


para empezar

Buzz: An Unlikely Combination
World Premier of works by James Ledger and Chris Tonkin
Dr Alan Lourens, Head, School of Music and Assistant Professor Ashley Smith, School of Music
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Beyond teams: The rise of virtual communities in organisations
Professor John Cordery, Management & Organisations, Business School
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Japan’s experiment with a quasi-jury system: Are citizen judges better than professional judges in delivering justice?
Professor Kent Anderson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Community and Engagement)
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Facing 175 million Invisible Children
Clinical Associate Professor Gareth Baynam, School of Paediatrics and Child Health
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Out-smarting Water Wastage
Associate Professor Rachel Cardell-Oliver, School of Computer Science and Software Engineering
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Unlocking the Mystery of Autism
Professor Andrew Whitehouse, Senior Principal Research Fellow, Telethon Kids Institute
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dulce y picante

I’m pink therefore I’m … red and white
Professor Jo McDonald, Director of Centre for Rock Art Research + Management
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The Age of Artificial Intelligence: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!
Associate Professor Cara MacNish, School of Computer Science and Software Engineering
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The Curious Tale of the Muslim Militant and the Chinese Gynaecologist
Professor Graham K. Brown, Head, School of Social Sciences
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